Words that Work for a Living

Who I Am

Writer of copy, content, lists and amusing poems; sometimes designer, photographer and artist; builder of communities and consensus; father and son; life-long student of behavior and universal truths; race driver; enthusiast of dry-hopped ales, abstract art, podcasts, cute animal videos and getting real-world results.

What I Do

I write for virtually every industry and every size business from international conglomerates to startups. I work well in buzzing big agency creative departments, quiet nooks at small design studios, and have been considered a full-on team member of corporate marketing departments hundreds of miles away. I address a huge array of audiences in most every conceivable context via all channels.


NHKA Racing Series

My work for the NHKA Racing Series shows the full breadth of my skill set and how I use it to get living, breathing, jumping for joy results.

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How I Do It

Ask questions. Lots and lots of question. I want to know the product/service I’m writing about inside and out, to find that shiny pearl of true differentiation.

Ask a bunch more questions. But this time about the audience. If the goal is to write things that genuinely resonate, we need to be on a first name basis.

Build a bridge. Sometimes it’s made of paper, other times 1s and 0s, or a voice on the radio, or an experience at an event, or embroidered onto a sweater worn by a rambunctious baby goat on video. In every case, it’s a bridge paved with common sense that’s easy for the audience to follow to the product.

Ultimately, I make things, so craft matters a lot to me. Yes, in the polished finish, but also in the project management and review processes beneath the shine. I am experienced with the coordination of resources, timelines and input, using tools such as Basecamp when appropriate. I have an eye for detail, can hit the ground running, and find collaboration and learning the most satisfying parts of my job.


The work for this pharmaceutical manufacturer was loaded with so much science, I felt like I'd need a couple dozen PhDs to get through it. So I got them.

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What I've Done

Print ads, billboards, websites, mailers, product names and taglines, SEO pages, product videos, posters, radio spots, email campaigns and landing pages, white mail, surveys, trade show booths, web content, “viral” videos, instruction manuals, packaging, catalogs, restaurant reviews, UX, articles and whitepapers, signage, sell sheets, telemarketing scripts, presentations, apparel, newspaper ads, point of sale displays, and I’ve named two human beings. Basically, whatever it is you need written, chances are I’ve written it before.