Here are a few key accomplishments and cool experiences I've been fortunate enough to enjoy.

I helped the Broad Institute, the lab that unlocked the human genome, to build a comprehensive online library of BioAssay research on behalf of the NIH. It has accelerated drug discovery for research programs around the world.

Quality process pioneer Pat Townsend was an early client. He and Tom Peters were among the first wave of consultants to design and implement successful company-wide quality processes. I helped him with his book Five-Star Leadership.


SnakeCharmer – That's the business name I came up with for a guy who removed the venom glands from cobras, rattlers and other dangerous snakes so their owners could hold them without... you know... dying.

I was writing websites for the likes of GM, AT&T and Nickelodeon waaay back in the mid 1990s.

My work has been recognized with awards for creative excellence and and published by Print Magazine and Rockport Publishing.

I created the marketing for a series of events where technology entrepreneurs did dramatic six-minute pitches on stage for top VCs. This is how Palm, E-Trade, Jawbone, and others found funding. I got to play with a handmade smartphone prototype four years before the iPhone launched.

In less than four months, I did all the writing for a complete rebrand of Patheon that encompassed three websites, every brochure and sell sheet, presentations, email campaigns, and more. We estimated that I wrote about 30,000 words.