Team. Mates.


The science and manufacturing processes employed by Patheon are mind-bogglingly complex, especially to a guy with a degree in drawing naked people. So I developed a network of experts throughout the company. These were the scientists and engineers responsible for key operations at major facilities around the world. They helped me understand the material and context well enough to extract genuine business differentiations and write crisp, clear, persuasive copy for highly sophisticated audiences.


Patheon offers the global pharma and biopharma industry comprehensive contract development and manufacturing. Their capabilities span the entire lifecycle of a drug from early development through clinical trials, commercial manufacturing, and the transition into the generics market. They can make the active and other raw ingredients, put them into virtually any oral solid, sterile injectable, softgel, or topical dosage form, then package and distribute the finished product anywhere in the world. Patheon brings all these capabilities together into a single solution that delivers game-changing speed and efficiency to accelerate the path from molecule to market.


In my five years as a full-time contractor, Patheon exploded from $4.3B to $8.1B in annual revenue with an aggressive M&A strategy. As the company and its breadth of capabilities grew, so did my network. I soon became the marketing department’s defacto ambassador and the requests for assistance began flowing both ways.

I was glad to help all the colleagues who helped me. Some of those projects were external facing – sharpening presentations, fine tuning proposal packages, editing white papers, ghost writing articles. However, much of the work improved internal processes and communication, which were critical to the success of the company’s core single-source solution. I worked with the Voice of the Client team to increase engagement by better communicating “what’s in it for you” and clarifying calls to action in their internal newsletters and customer facing materials. I also worked with regional sales managers to develop a selling process and workbook to drive lead conversion and deeper Salesforce adoption. At the same time, this project brought a framework to my department’s Eloqua marketing automation implementation.

Even though I worked 100% off-site, and these colleagues were scattered across the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia, in very different roles throughout the organization, we had a lot of fun and worked very well as a team.